March 15

Spring Conferences

The Woodbridge School District set aside the afternoons of Monday, April 4 and Wednesday, April 6 for parent-teacher conferences. Since students will begin dismissal at 1:10, I will see parents starting at 1:30. I will also be available Tuesday, March  29 and Thursday, March 31 to meet with parents starting at 3:30. Due to my personal family’s needs, my last conference each day will be at 4:10.
If you would like to meet with me, please send me an e-mail or a note with your child indicating days and times that are most convenient for you, I will put together a schedule, and send home a confirmation.

February 29

Fantasy Fiction

Today we began a new focus of study in Readers and Writers Workshops: fantasy. Always popular, the fantasy genre is full of enticing plots, memorable characters, and universal themes. To launch the unit, we are viewing a film, The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, to help students analyze various conventions that fantasy writers dependably use such as magic, mythical symbols, archetypal characters, heroes, and the struggle of good versus evil.  Once marinated in the various facets that are central to great fantasy novels, students will work in book clubs to independently consider how other writers weave similar components into their work. Ultimately, students will walk away from the unit with a deeper, richer recognition of the role symbolism, motif, and author’s use of character development can lead to greater meaning.  As writers, students will be challenged to craft a short story within the fantasy genre. An exciting time!


February 25

Literary Exhibits

The literature exhibits that students showcased today were incredible. I am absolutely impressed with the depth of analysis and metaphorical thinking that was put into each project. This is the fifth year that I have assigned this project, and as a whole, this year’s class has been the most impressive as a whole. Mrs. Prisco and Dr. Stella were equally impressed with the enthusiasm and scholarship around literature. Well done everyone!

February 10


I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I am up front and honest; however I also accept that many sixth graders enjoy the yearly event. With this in mind, students will have the opportunity on Friday morning to distribute material greetings to classmates. Should a student elect to participate, s/he must include every student in our homeroom. Also, please be aware that the Wellness Policy of the Woodbridge School District discourages involving candy or food as part of in-school celebrations.

January 11

Literature Exhibits

Where do authors find inspiration? How can objects reveal and represent theme and character in an author’s work?  Negar Azimi is a writer who wrote an article in the New York Times Magazine several years ago on Orhan Pamuk’s award winning novel, The Museum of Innocence. Nobel laureate Pamuk discussed with Azimi how he used objects as an integral part of his writing progress.  In a similar way, students are invited to look at their reading, mining out the important artifacts that may help better enhance the enjoyment and understanding of a particular book.

The Literature Exhibit Project is a challenging, engaging task that is due on Thursday, February 25, 2016. To help students organize their thoughts and time management, The Literature Exhibit Planner is due on February 1, 2016. These due dates and additional downloads are available on the Homework Page.
January 4


Happy New Year!

Students will begin swimming during physical education this month. Students should come prepared to swim on D Days. In order to help remember, I will post a reminder on the Homework Page. Also, letter days are posted along with homework each day, which may help with orienting one’s schedule.

Also, with colder weather arriving (at long last), please be reminded that in order for students to participate in outside time, proper attire is mandatory: winter coat, long pants, hats and gloves. If and when snow is on the ground, we will continue to go outside. Boots will be appropriate for outside time during these times. In accordance with the school nurse, if a student lacks proper attire s/he will enjoy recess inside. Thank you for helping to keep all students safe and healthy.

Again, Happy New Year!

December 1

Current Events

Beginning this week, a new assignment joins weekly homework tasks. As our focus in Social Studies begins to shift from geography to culture, a grasp of current issues will enhance contextual discussions. The assignment can be found below. Additional resources can be found on the homework page.

Students will complete a current events assignment each week. The assignment is due every week by Friday. Find a news article, in a newspaper or on the Internet, published within the last three weeks and submit the assignment below.

  • Type your paper or write using blue or black ink
  • Include the headline of the article
  • Write a SREC for the article
  • Attach a clipping or print out of the article you used

Dogo News is a great resource for finding articles, which are written for a student audience.