November 15

Agenda Books

The last few weeks have been hectic. A lot has happened in our nation and in our school, which has led to some distraction and as a result, I’ve noticed many students have lost a sense of organization particularly around homework.

To remedy this, we have retaken ownership of our agenda books and are discussing the importance of using it as a tool to keep stress at a minimum. Even though I realize that most students within a few years will move to digital forms of organization, forming sturdy and robust habits so that when life gets hectic, which it will, they will be able to fall back on the structures put in place.

November 1

Amity Musical

To begin the transition from Beecher to Amity Middle School, students will travel to the Bethany campus on Thursday to see a sampling of the fall musical. The bus will leave at 8:45.

October 11

A Survey of Asian Landmarks

In order to begin a study on the cultural, political, and economic history of Asia, students will research an assigned landmark.  As students share their resulting essays with one another, they will begin to put together a mental map of not only where various regions of Asia exist on a map, but also the cultural legacies that helped shape the cultures of the 21st century.

A copy of the assignment can be found below.

A Survey of Asian Landmarks Project

September 22

Veterans Day Project


Several days ago, we paused to reflect on the horrific events of September 11, 2001. At the same time, we chose to celebrate the women and men that emerged to lend hope, courage, and sacrifice. As a class, we began a conversation around what it means to be a hero in 21st century America.
As a continuation of that exploration on heroism, and in celebration of Veterans Day, November 11, students are asked to interview a veteran and reflect on the experience through writing. The project, ultimately due on November 11, can be found below.

Veteran’s Day Project

September 7

Acceptable Use Policy

Along with one to one iPad use, sixth graders will be using a plethora of online tools for such tasks as completing assignments, citing sources, and conducting systematic research. Students at Beecher Road School are fortunate to have one of the finest technology-media departments in the nation at their fingertips.

With such privilege comes much responsibility, and as such, prior to beginning work online, students have had a lengthy discussion on digital citizenship and stewardship with a technology coordinator through a document spelling out the Acceptable Use Policy. Please review this with your child, sign it, and submit this form as soon as possible. Once these forms are complete, iPads can then be distributed. Thank you for your support in this matter and for reinforcing the importance of personal integrity and safety while online.